Review: Dermedics Skincare - Beware of fake products!

6/07/2017 05:07:00 am

Hi everyone! On the 23rd of May, Xmedicimports organised an event for a popular skincare brand originated from Poland, called Dermedics! During the event, Xmedicimports conducted courses for professionals in the aesthetic industry and taught them the most advanced and innovative solutions to overcome common skin problems for people of all ages and all races.

During the courses, there were live demos showcasing the latest non-intrusive techniques using Dermedics cosmeceuticals. It was amazing seeing visible results right after the first treatment!

One of the most popular series of Dermedics is Dermedics MESO. MESO is the range of advance professional treatment serums that can treat skin problems such as wrinkles, large pores, dark spots, pigmentation, acne and pimples. It also has anti-aging, lightening and moisturising properties!

The most amazing thing is that this 'magic' serum is painless and cost-effective. It is almost like a non-surgical alternative to facelift and botox!😱

Furthermore, Dermedics skincare does not contain Paraben, Alcohol, Colourants, Allergen, Methylisothiazolinone or formaldehyde!! Needless to say, this is really good for people with sensitive skin type :)

Dermedics MESO WHITE is a serum designed for safe and intensive skin whitening treatments. It is recommended for people with dark skin tone. It also reduces the appearance of freckles and skin discoloration caused by acne and age spots!
Live demo of Dermedic MESOWHITE treatment

Besides the famous MESO WHITE, Dermedics also have many other effective products such as their LIFT series which was demonstrated live during the event as well. MESO LIFT is a lifting serum with botox-like effect, created for skin elasticity and firmness improvement and mimic wrinkles reduction.
Can you see the immediate results of Dermedics MESOLIFT? Truly incredible haha

I also got a chance to try out Dermedics Calm Enzymatic Exfoliator!

The Calm Enzymatic Exfoliator uses a probiotic that eliminates the bacteria that causes pesky acne, whiteheads and blackheads. It claims to be able to break down and dissolve whiteheads, blackheads and dead skin cells!! The scrub-free formula also deeply purifies my pores and it left my skin surface feeling perfectly smooth without any irritation or redness. 

After attempting so many failed blackheads remover strips and creams, for the very first time I have hope that this can remove my stubborn blackheads!!! I liked the results of the product on my first try and will definitely continue trying it out to give you guys a more in-depth review and comparison video. 

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Due to the popularity of Dermedics MESO serums (especially in Korea), please be wary of the numerous fakes and imitations! To spot the fake products, check carefully for slight differences in packaging or product names. To protect yourself, I strongly recommend that you purchase only from Dermedics authorised distributors.

I always believe that it is better to pay a bit more but ensure that the products I use for my face do not contain any harmful chemicals hehe

In Singapore there are many clinics and salons using Dermedics products. I have listed some below. The MESO skin therapy uses a special Dermedics MST pen which is a micro-needling device and it has to be done by professional. Of course, you can apply the Dermedics MESO serum on its own. However the results will definitely not be so impressive.

Xmedicimports is the authorised distributor of Dermedics Skin Care System. And only authorised salons carry authentic Dermedics products.

Here are some of the authorised places to have the MST:

Also, look out for official certifications from Xmedicimports in authorised salons:

Check out the websites and get more information here:

You may also contact them at


Hope this blog post has introduced you to a more effective solution to your skin problems! Surgery and botox are not the only options, taking good care of your skin is the best way to go!

My skin complexion has definitely improved. Leave a comment down below telling me what you think of Dermedics if you have tried it before, or whether you would like to try it. Also feel free to share any horror stories of fake products!! :O

Jermaine x

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